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Freeride literally means, being free to choose where you leave your tracks in the virgin powder snow. In order to reach these powder slopes however, one must know where the good snow is, where the most appropriate runs are for the group in question, and most importantly how the avalanche situation is on any given day and in any given area.

We have this know how and experience and we can offer our clients first class freeride adventures in the safest environment and with the best precautions possible.

We use the available lifts and gondolas to gain as much elevation as possible and to get as close to the mostly untracked powder runs as we can, and the last few meters may be hiked on foot or with skins. All the more reason to then enjoy the never ending supply of powder sprays on the way down.

There are also a great variety of tree runs which enable us to add some great experiences to our repertoire even on bad weather days.

Don’t forget your snorkel!

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Martin Ruggli, dipl. Bergführer, Höfjiweg 4 CH-7250 Klosters
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